Specialized Pedodontist in the Bronx

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A pedodontist or pediatric dentist plays a vital role in diagnosing and treating dental problems in infants, children, and teenagers. Our specialized pedodontist in the Bronx, will pay special attention to your children’s primary teeth and emerging permanent teeth. At Throgs Neck Dental, we advise parents to take their children to visit a pediatric dentist at the age of one to prevent future dental problems.

What Does a Pedodontist Do?

Pediatric dentistry specializes in maintaining the oral health of children. Cavities represent the most common dental problems for children. Dental issues related to the gums, teeth, and jaw develop over time as the body grows. 

Infants usually receive their first primary teeth within six months of birth. The baby teeth start to fall out by the age of six, making early oral health exams especially crucial for the future of your child’s smile.

Extensive tooth decay requires treatment before the permanent teeth erupt. Our pediatric dentists recommend a visit every six months after a child turns two years old to detect any tooth decay or other dental issues. They emphasize proper dental care to preserve the baby teeth, which is crucial for kids to develop healthy chewing habits, establish clear speech, and hold spaces for permanent teeth. 

Some of the services our pedodontist offers to include:

  • A complete examination of the dental pulp, teeth, and jaw
  • Oral hygiene education, such as proper brushing habits
  • Teeth cleaning and polishing 
  • Diagnosis of dental abnormalities
  • Braces to correct an improper bite
  • Cavity and dental infection treatment
  • Restorative dentistry for injuries
  • Gum disease management 
  • Wisdom tooth growth and extraction (if necessary)

How Can Pedodontists Help?

At Throgs Neck Dental, our pediatric dentists believe in providing children and teenagers with comfortable experiences. They apply child psychology and use age-appropriate words to influence the dental experience of a child positively. Apart from regular check-ups, pedodontists help diagnose, monitor, and prevent future dental problems.

Our specialized pedodontist in the Bronx, advises parents on healthy eating habits, disease and trauma prevention, home hygiene routines, and the importance of proper oral hygiene. Our pedodontist will recommend space maintainers or nighttime mouthguards in the case of crooked teeth or bad bites, respectively. Early corrective treatments can boost a child’s self-esteem for a lifetime.

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