Affordable Composite Fillings in the Bronx

We know that you want to fix your broken, decayed, or chipped teeth without breaking your bank account in the process. With our thorough dental consultation and extensive experience in dental care, you can reach your oral health goals and save money. We even offer payment plans to help you achieve your oral health dreams before your dental health becomes an emergency.

The experienced cosmetic dentist team at Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx, can help repair your chipped, decayed, or worn down teeth to improve your smile. Give us a call at 718-518-8100 today to schedule your dental filling appointment.

Commonly Used Types of Filling Materials

You might be familiar with some of the older types of dental fillings, but modern dentistry has expanded the list of potential fillings. Silver amalgam is no longer the “king of fillings” in modern dentistry. Take a look at this list of all the available tooth filling materials:

  • Silver amalgam
  • Gold
  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain inlay

Silver amalgam may be a popular and affordable filling material but it also contains traces of unwanted mercury in the formula. Gold can be a beautiful addition to any smile but metals like gold can also swell and shrink from changes in temperature, which causes considerable pain. Porcelain inlays are a fantastic dental filling material option, but they make for a costlier investment.

Each of these types of dental fillings has its potential advantages and disadvantages. The suitable material for you will depend on your oral situation and health needs. Our experienced dental team can walk you through each of the dental filling options at your appointment.

Explore the Benefits of Composite Fillings

Modern tooth-colored composite resins have many favorable benefits over the other types of dental fillings available today. You want your tooth filling to be durable and natural-looking as well as affordable. Here are just a few of the critical reasons why composite fillings might be the best dental filling material choice for you:

  • Composite resin quickly bonds to your natural teeth for longer-lasting, more durable fillings.
  • Composite resin is not affected by changes in temperature, preventing sudden temperature-related filling pain.
  • Composite resin requires less removal of the original tooth, unlike some other types of commonly used filling materials.
  • Composite resin does not contain any trace of toxins, including the mercury found in silver amalgam.
  • Composite resin can be easily color-matched to your natural or desired tooth color, unlike gold or silver amalgam.
  • Composite resin is often more affordable than porcelain inlay options.
  • Composite resin can be placed on the same day as your original appointment without any additional appointments.

It is easy to see why natural tooth-colored composite resins are a popular, modern option for treating oral cavities or broken teeth. Why take a chance on older, outdated dental filling formulas when you have access to affordable, comfortable, and updated composite fillings? Call Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx, at 718-518-8100 to make your dental composite filling appointment today.

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