Start Smiling Again with Porcelain Onlays in the Bronx

If you’re struggling with the pain of a fractured filling or cosmetic issues are stopping you from smiling, call Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx today at 718-518-8100 to discuss emergency dental care or cosmetic dentistry. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to smile widely without covering your mouth or worrying about the appearance of your teeth? Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx can transform your troublesome smile or fix the fractured fillings causing you pain with porcelain onlays in just a couple of visits. 

Porcelain onlays mimic the look of a natural tooth and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Porcelain onlays are necessary for teeth that have large or fractured fillings but don’t require crowns. You retain more of your natural tooth structure with an onlay as opposed to a full crown. 

Porcelain onlays are alternatively called partial crowns. When our dentists place a crown, they drill down a large part of your tooth and place the crown overtop. The process is similar for a porcelain onlay, but less of the natural tooth is drilled away. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Fractured Filling?

Porcelain onlays are a solution to fractured fillings. When a dentist fixes a cavity with a filling, they remove the decayed and damaged part of the tooth and fill the space with metal or porcelain material. The dentist smooths and shapes the filling so it feels like a natural part of your tooth and doesn’t inhibit eating and speaking. 

You may have a fractured, cracked, or otherwise damaged filling if you feel sharp and sudden pain in the area when you eat or drink hot or cold items. Don’t live with the pain of a fractured filling: our team at Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx will assess the damage and create a durable and natural-looking porcelain onlay to replace the filling and make you comfortable and pain-free again.  

Porcelain Inlays in the Bronx

Porcelain inlays are identical to onlays in terms of material and function. The only difference is found in the extent of the tooth damage they address. 

Restorative repair with an onlay includes work on the chewing cusp (the top, rounded part of your tooth). Our dental team will use a porcelain inlay when the damage is less extensive or found primarily on the flat surfaces on the sides of the tooth. 

Our cosmetic dentist at Throgs Neck Dental can assess whether porcelain onlays or inlays are right for you as an alternative to crowns. Schedule an appointment online today or call our office at 718-518-8100.

Saving Your Smile, One Tooth at a Time

Porcelain onlays are an ideal solution for your tooth trauma. Our dental laboratory will match the color of the porcelain material to the rest of your teeth and custom-make the porcelain onlay or inlay specifically to fit in your individual tooth for maximum comfort when eating or speaking. 

During your first visit to Throgs Neck Dental, our restorative dental specialists will prepare the area for the new onlay. We will remove any failing filling material and clean the area after giving you a local anesthetic so you can relax and remain pain-free. 

Our team of dental experts will also take impressions of your tooth structure so our dental laboratory can create an onlay with the perfect fit. We will put in a temporary filling that will prevent further damage while you wait for your new permanent onlay to be carefully prepared specifically for you. 

You’ll come in for your second visit so we can insert the permanent onlay in a simple procedure. We’ll ask you to test your bite and let us know how it feels so we can make any small adjustments if necessary. 

Start Smiling Again in the Bronx

A great smile can make a great first impression. If a fractured filling is causing you pain or you have tooth pain but aren’t sure why, a porcelain onlay or inlay might be just what you’re looking for. 

Porcelain onlays are sometimes called partial crowns, as their function falls in between a filling and a full crown. As with all dental work, our team at Throgs Neck Dental will assess your oral health and overall teeth structure and discuss with you the best options for your specific circumstances. 

Call us today at 718-518-8100 to schedule an appointment and find out how Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx can help strengthen and save your teeth and restore your smile. 

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