Porcelain Dental Veneers in the Bronx

You may need porcelain dental veneers in the Bronx, primarily for cosmetic reasons. If you have stubborn staining or yellowing on your teeth that make you self-conscious about your smile, veneers can be used to cover it. Porcelain dental veneers look like your regular teeth, and they won’t stain. 

Porcelain dental veneers also straighten your smile to correct misshapen, misaligned, or chipped teeth. Veneers are a solution if you have gaps or uneven spacing in your teeth. If you hide your smile because of embarrassment about large spaces between your teeth, veneers can restore your confidence.

Porcelain dental veneers are tooth-colored, not metallic, so they will become a natural-looking part of your smile. They resist new staining and discoloration to keep your smile bright for years to come. 

Porcelain Dental Veneers for Medical Reasons

Porcelain veneers may also be primarily for medical reasons. Sealing the gaps in between teeth makes it harder for the buildup of plaque and tartar since oddly shaped teeth and extra space in your mouth create more places for bacteria buildup. 

If you have lost part of your tooth due to an accident, excessive decay, or other oral trauma, porcelain veneers work to restore your teeth to their proper alignment. Porcelain veneers do not affect the tooth structure of the surrounding teeth like a porcelain-fixed bridge does. 

You can transform your smile with porcelain dental veneers, which look and feel just like your natural teeth. Because they are made of porcelain, you won’t feel a difference while biting, chewing, or speaking. Porcelain is highly durable, and your veneers will be custom-made to fit exactly where you need them, color-matched to the rest of your teeth. 

Does Insurance Cover Dental Veneers?

Your dental insurance may cover the cost of porcelain veneers if they are deemed medically necessary. If your veneers are for cosmetic purposes, your dental insurance company considers this an elective procedure and will likely not cover the cost. 

Our helpful and informed staff at Throgs Neck Dental will contact your insurance company to find out what they cover. We will make sure you are aware of the cost of any procedure before beginning. 

If you need help paying for your porcelain dental veneer visits, we offer interest-free payment options with monthly payments as low as $20.

Caring for Porcelain Dental Veneers

Even though porcelain dental veneers are artificial coatings to your natural teeth, you still need to care for them just as you would the rest of your teeth with regular dental preventative care. These thin coatings are affixed over the top of your natural teeth and do not need to be taken in and out for cleaning. 

Porcelain dental veneers will last a long time with proper care and maintenance. If something happens to your porcelain veneers or they begin causing you discomfort, you can call our office in the Bronx office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency dental care. 

Your cosmetic dentist at Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx will provide you with detailed care instructions for your porcelain dental veneers and address all your questions and concerns before you leave our office. 

Visit a Cosmetic Dentist for a Porcelain Veneer Consultation in the Bronx

You don’t have to live with stubborn staining or bothersome gaps in your teeth. Our dental professionals at Throgs Neck Dental in the Bronx can get you on the path to a brighter smile. Call us at 718-518-8100 or schedule an appointment online to get porcelain dental veneers in the Bronx today. 

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