When To Get Impacted Canines Treatment in the Bronx

The Importance of Canines

Canines play a crucial role in the overall function of a patient’s bite. Healthy canines remain essential to overall dental health because they:

  • Represent a critical tooth in the dental arch
  • Maintain a firm connection with the jawbone 
  • Carry out the primary function of biting
  • Possess the longest roots compared to all other human teeth
  • Erupt as the last of the front teeth around age 13
  • Close gaps between other teeth as they emerge 

Reasons for Treatment of an Impacted Canine

In some cases, a dentist may leave a mildly impacted tooth alone. However, in most cases, treatment becomes necessary because:

  • Extra teeth take up space and block the eruption of the canine 
  • Overcrowding limits the space for canines to erupt naturally and function properly

Early Examination and Treatment

When a patient reaches the early age of seven, a thorough examination of the teeth allows a dentist to record the presence or absence of canine teeth. In cases of impacted canines, treatment may involve an orthodontist placing braces and archwires to create space for the canines to erupt. 

An oral surgeon will then expose the canine and bond an orthodontic bracket to it. A lifting process will pull the tooth into its proper place within the dental arch, completing the treatment of the impacted canines in the Bronx.

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